Meet Kayla

Hi Cookie Lovers,

I'm Kayla - a self taught cookie maker, email responder, dough maker, dish washer, cookie decorator, cookie bagger, pickup lady for Wooden it be Sweet.While in college, getting my degree for Business Education, I began baking. I started off with fondant cakes and soon friends were calling on me to try decorated cookies. Since then, cookies have taken over. I have put fondant cakes to the side but you can find me making Naked Cakes for communions, baby showers and other events. Maybe one day my education degree will be used, but for now you can find me making events a little bit sweeter. 

Made with Love

For a short period of time, when I first started baking, I baked under Made with Love. I soon started making wooden signs. I've always enjoyed crafting. Through cookies, a love for pirates and crafting, Wooden it be Sweet was born. Sign making was put on hold due to the demand for cookies but maybe I can bring it back... one day. Until then, I'm looking forward to spreading love... one cookie at a time. 

Always Unique

Local Pickup

Thoughtfully Packaged